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Ukraine is a country in Eastern and Central Europe. Formerly being a part of the Soviet Uniot, the country is now the 2nd largest in Europe.
Area: 603,628 square kilometres.
Population: ~45,888,000.
Capital: Kiev.

The Ukrainian national football team (nicknamed "the Yellow-Blues") played its international debut in 1992, a year after the country gained independence from the Soviet Union. The team has only one appearance at FIFA World Cup Championship. Ukraine is a co-host of the UEFA EURO 2012, and this is the country's debut at the European tournament. Before EURO 2012, the team's all-time top goalscorer is Andriy Shevchenko with 46 goals.

Enjoy the most attractive football fans and hottest girls from Ukraine!


Ukrainian Girls #6

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The UEFA EURO 2012 will end in two days in Kiev, Ukraine. There were many doubts about hosting the football tournament in Ukraine. We, however, never doubted in the Ukrainian women and the atmosphere in their country! So let us prove it and present you some extremely hot cheerleaders and Ukrainian football girls:
Ukrainian Football Girls
Ukrainian Football Girls
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Ukrainian Girls #5

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Beautiful Ukrainian girls at UEFA EURO 2012 in Poland and Ukraine enjoy the game and support the country’s national football team.
Ukraine was eliminated from the tournament; their girls, however, can hardly be beaten or kicked out!
Ukrainian Girls - EURO 2012
Ukrainian Girl - EURO 2012
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Ukraine Girls #4

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So far EURO 2012 provide some of the most interesting games at European finals. Even though, one of the most attractive things at the tournament are the girls! Just to mention the Ukraine girls in particular not only because they are hot but also because they are many! Enjoy the beautiful girls from Ukraine who entertain at the fanzones:
Ukraine Girls
Ukraine Girls
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Ukraine is out of the tournament. The team totally outplayed England in a match of EURO 2012 Group D, but unfortunately lost the game.
For Man of the Match was chosen Steven Gerrard.
Despite Ukraine was defeated on the pitch, at the stands their fans won our love. So the Girl of the Match is this sweet Ukrainian girl
Ukrainian Girl of the Match