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Greece (officially the Hellenic Republic) is a country in Southern Europe. Greece has long coastline, including a huge number of islands - approximately 1,400.
Area: 131,990 square kilometres.
Population: ~11,000,000.
Capital: Athens.

The Greek national football team ("Ethniki") played their first international game in 1929. The team suprisingly won the UEFA EURO 2004, and by far this is their biggest achievement on the international football scene. The country also participated on two FIFA World Cup championships. Prior to EURO 2012, all-time top goalscorer is Nikos Anastopoulos with 29 goals.

We present you the most attractive football fans and hottest girls from Greece!


Greek Girl

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Who said that watching Greece at EURO 2012 was boring? Apart from their football team, the fans and supporters of Greece were amazing – and maybe one of the reasons to reach the quarter-finals.
Enjoy this beautiful Greek girl who is a pleasure to watch…
Greek Girl
Greek Girl
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The team of Germany crushed Greece in a quarterfinal match played in Arena Gdansk, Poland. Ending 4-2, it is by now the game with most scored goals at EURO 2012.
For Man of the Match was chosen Mesut Ozil.
The Girl of the Match is this beautiful Greek girl who says goodbye to us and EURO 2012:
Greek Girl of the Match


Greek Girls #3

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The national football team of Greece is looking forward to meet Germany in the next quarterfinal of EURO 2012. Will the Germans defeat another opponent in their way to the final? Greece showed a solid defense in the Group stages, which, combined with the offensive beauty of these hot Greek girls, gives the team some chance.
Greek Girl - EURO 2012
Greek Girl at EURO 2012
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The first major sensation at EURO 2012 is a fact: Russia was eliminated. The team lost 1-0 to Greece in a third match of Group A, and despite the two teams were with equal points, this particular loss cost Russia a place in the quarterfinals.
For Man of the Match was rewarded the Greece hero Giorgos Karagounis.
Our special Girl of the Match prize goes to this super hot Greek girl:
Greek Girl of the Match