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The Czech Republic is a country in Central Europe which is landlocked.
Area: 78,866 square kilometres.
Population: ~10,560,000.
Capital: Prague.

The Czech national football team made their debut on the international football scene in 1994 (4-1 win over Turkey). The team have one silver medal from EURO 1996 in England, and only one appearance at FIFA World Cup Championship. Before that, the Czech predecessor Czechoslovakia (1920 - 1993) had even more intense course: an European champions in 1976, and two silver medals from the World Cups in 1934 and 1962. Just before EURO 2012, team's all-time top goalscorer is Jan Koller with 55 goals.

We present you the most attractive football fans and hottest girls from the Czech Republic!


Czech Girl #3

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Beautiful Czech girl support the national football team of her country at the EURO 2012 quarter-final match between Czech Republic and Portugal, played in the National Stadium in Warsaw.
The Iberians won the game, but the Czech won the cameras’ attention… as well as ours.
Czech Girl - EURO 2012
Czech Girl at EURO 2012
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Czech Girl #2

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The Czech Republic lost 0-1 to Portugal in the first of the quarter-finals of EURO 2012. The match was played on the National Stadium Warsaw and despite the great support for the Czech, eventually they left the tournament. We feel sad especially for this beautiful Czech girl… And the many others like her.
Czech Girl
Czech Girl
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Yet another surprise (or not?) came from Poland. The team of the co-hosts was defeated by the Czech Republic. Thus the Czech took the lead in EURO 2012 Group A with six points.
Man of the Match is the only goalscorer Petr Jiráček.
Although the Czech triumph was quite unexpected after their difficult start at the tournament, а triumph for their Czech girls is always possible. Our Girl of the Match prooves it:
Czech Girl of the Match


Czech Girls

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The EURO 2012 Group A game against Poland is the match of the truth for Czech Republic. After an awful start at the tournament and significantly better second game, the team still has chance to go forward.
We at EURO 2012 Girls don’t want to lose their fans and the beautiful Czech girls
Czech Girl - EURO 2012
Czech Girl - EURO 2012
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